IBD Detox Spa

 AUSSIE PINK CLAY   The Luxury Detox

Australia’s lovely pink clay is known as a powerhouse ingredient for detoxifying and smoothing.

With its uniquely balanced composition, this all-perfect clay is vigorous enough to draw out impurities and cleanse pores yet gentle enough to leave skin soft and nourished. Delicately refines skin’s texture to improve smoothness, elasticity and radiance.

Australian Aborigines

Highly pampering and ideal for sensitive skin in need of a deep cleanse. Even long ago, the Australian Aborigines knew pink clay had the ability to draw out toxins from skin. Today, pink clay remains pure and potent as it’s only found in the great, untouched wilderness of Australia. ibd harnesses the therapeutic purifying power of Aussie Pink Clay for its first pedicure collection.

Pink Clay detoxifies and deep-cleans while a naturally gentle exfoliating action unveils a new layer of soft, touchable, glowing skin. Enriched with minerals, antioxidants and intensive benefits, it also hydrates, nourishes and revives tired, tough soles, leaving them smooth as silk, radiantly refreshed and replenished.

IBD Detox Spa in 4 simple steps:

1.  IBD Detox Soak, This detoxifying pink clay footbath cleanses as it quenches dry skin with pure hydration. In prep for the pedicure, it softens skin for easy removal of rough calluses. Available in: 14oz, 114oz

2.  IBD Detox Scrub, This botanical polisher features natural exfoliating ingredients to slough off the rough, dry, flaky surface and reveal refi ned, revitalized skin.
Available in: 22oz, 183oz

 3.  IBD Detox Mask, This revitalizing, antioxidant-packed mask with pink clay mildly exfoliates rough layers of skin and encourages natural cell renewal.
Available in: 14.2oz, 118oz

4.  IBD Detox Cream, Lightweight yet luxurious, this moisturizing massage créme quickly absorbs into skin for immediate hydration.
Available in: 14.2oz, 118oz