Mother’s Day on August 12 Sunday

We all wanted to honour women

Wow! What a day!

We-Train hosted on Mother’s Day a traditional Make-Over for the women residents of the Emergency House  (an institution for abused women and children, teens and HIV patients).


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This was an amazing collaboration of so many individuals, companies, professionals in various fields. Everyone came together at The Emergency Home for one purpose today — we all wanted to honor the women, the mothers and bring happiness, hope and help to these ones who would otherwise be forgotten on this special day.


With no family or home to go back to, the women and kids became family for us as we enjoyed ourselves together with games, food and most of all, a marvelous makeover for almost everyone — by hairstylists from Glammer Education, make up artists from Ken Kavin’s studio and nail technicians from Dasy Design.


It was awesome!

A special Thank You to you all and especially May, Tamrerk and the students and faculty of King Mongkut University of Technology who did a great job engaging the audience, and helping with gifts, prizes and the technical side of photographing and printing pics of the girls! Thank you so much!!!! Unforgettable! You did a great job and the girls will keep a great memory of this special day! Thank you to our corporate partners as well — SSUP group, International Beauty Products, Tong Garden, Kerry Flour Mills — wow!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

David de Rijke