Depil-OK Roll-On Wax Cartridges


Depil-OK Cartridges 100ml/3.3 oz

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Comfortable and easy application. Liposoluble waxes, semisolids at room temperature but easily melted in the heater-applier. Their composition (rosin derivatives) gives them a textures that adheres to the hair but does not dry.

Their advantages are its low temperature (ideal for heat-sensitive skin), hygiene (single use) and comfortable, easy application thanks to a built-in roll-on applicator.
Depil-OK has different types of Roll-On waxes . A good premium quality wax from Europe that is suitable for all types of hair.

Carrot (Carotene)

A transparent, orange coloured wax with carrot fragrance. It contains carrot oil with carotene.Rich in vitamin E which grants the product a high regenerative and skin protective power.

Mint Chlorophyll with Tea Tree Oil

A mentholated wax which includes Tea Tree Oil in its formula (Melaleuca Alternifolia) with recognized hygienic properties to prevent the infection of the hair bulb (folliculitis) after depilation.


spa wax contains two very important natural ingredients: essential oils with relaxing balsamic extracts and seaweed extracts with a regenerative action.Its deep blue colour and fresh aroma help comfortable hair-removal.


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