EzFlow TruGel Optimize It!


EzFlow’s new Optimize It! Base Coats will make gels pop.

One of the most highly anticipated products shown at Cosmoprof Nort America is now available at Dasy Design!

EzFlow’s Optimize It! Base Coats work underneath sheer and neon gel polished to give smooth out nails plus dept and add brightness to colors.

If you’ve ever worked with sheer or neon gel polish colors, you know that sometimes it can be tricky to get a nice opaque bright color without adding too many layers of product.

The Optimize It! Concealing Base Coat is pigmented with a soft nude hue to hide nail imperfections and add beautiful depth to sheer gel colors while the Optimize It! Brightening Base Coat is pigment with white to intensify neon and bright gel polishes for a striking, luminescent finish.



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