BCL SPA White Radiance

Bio Creative Labs

The company who brought you the BCL SPA range, are launching a new skin brightening line of beauty products. If you’re looking for a treatment for uneven skin tone and dark spots as well as a truly organic experience for hands, feet & body then the BCL SPA White Radiance is just for you.

BCL Spa White Radiance is designed to brighten and lighten skin tone for a flawless, porcelain finish without the use of dangerous chemicals in a purely natural and organic treatment.

BCL SPA White Radiance with Pearl Moon Complex

Will diminish dark spots, even skin tone and control melanin pigmentation.  Carefully developed by spa therapists with pure, safe and certified ingredients, BCL Spa White Radiance will illuminate your skin and your life.

Comes in a 4 step program and uses ancient traditions and beauty secrets to smooth, soothe, and resurface the texture of your skin.


BCL SPA Brightening Salt Soak

This salt soak softens the skin, cleansing the skin gently to remove pollutants and impurities for brighter, clearer skin.

BCL SPA Brightening Scrub

Exfoliate away dead skin cells with the and reveal new, clearer skin while at the same time stimulate circulation for detoxifying wastes and impurities.

BCL SPA Brightening Mask

To deeply hydrate the skin and restore its moisture balance while helping to fade away dark spots, unsightly blemishes, and uneven pigmentation.

BCL SPA Brightening Cream

Finally, deeply nourish your skin with the BCL SPA Brightening Cream and help to fade away uneven pigmentation while at the same time brightening the skin and protect it from environmental stresses such as UVA/UVB rays, pollutants, and free radicals.

Kojic Acid, Rice Water, & Milk

The ingredients in the BCL SPA White Radiance products benefit your skin in many ways. The Kojic Acid, Rice Water, & Milk help inhibiting and fading melanin pigmentations, Ginseng improves circulation for cell regeneration while the Volcanic Silt draws out any impurities. The addition of Chamomile helps balance your skin’s natural moisture while Green Tea nourishes your skin with antioxidant-rich vitamins and finally Pearl & Titanium Dioxide illuminates clarity and radiance for perfectly flawless skin and keeps it as fair as the white pearl moon!

Be – Care – Love

BCL believes that everyone deserves to “be”. They believe that you should feel like you’re alive and be able to give yourself the time that you deserve. Their products are uniquely designed to capture that moment and they believe that true beauty is achieved from the inside out and anything else is only skin deep. With personal care being an important part of living, BCL have trained technicians with your quality of life in mind. Dedicated to making your experience satisfying on every level, BCL SPA products will create an experience that touches the essence of your being.


“In everything we do here at BCL, we believe that we are different. We believe that it’s essential to embrace our being–to be at peace with who we are and to love who we are.  From the people behind the scenes to you, the consumer, we like to think that we’re all part of the same family”  – Jason Freeman, BCL Managing Director


Anti-Aging White Radiance treatment against skin
pigmentation preventing signs of ageing.

– Soak 5 – 8 minutes with BCL SPA White Radiance Sea Salt
– White Radiance Sugar Scrub – 5 minutes, use scrub on cuticles as well – rinse off with water.
– Apply a thin film of the White Radiance mask on hands avoid – ing the cuticles
– Use latex gloves with the fingertips cut off before you put them on
– Clean the nails and remove the cuticles, file, buff and apply nail polish
– When you have finished the nails and dry the polish remove mask with a hot towel
– Apply White Radiance massage cream
– Massage the hand until cream is completely absorbed
– Apply cuticle oil on the cuticles and massage gently