Brazilian Wax Event

Brazilian Wax Event at the famous Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok April 26, 2019

Wish to know the real deal about Brazilian waxing?
Wish to know all the answers to your questions you never dared to ask?
Wish to add the Brazilian wax service to your menu and perform with 100% confidence?

Wish to get a certficate after your examination to show in your salon?
Here is your chance to do all of the above free of charge.

  • This event is FREE, you only pay 999 Baht per person for registration but get a refund of 999 Baht on your next order.
  • The event starts at 9 am, lunch break  at 12.00  and the event ends at 5 pm, two coffee breaks with snacks before and after lunch.
  • No models required. All products will be giving to be used at the event.

Make your reservation quickly and we see you soon at the event.