Depil-OK Roll-On Waxing System

Depil-OK Waxing System

Depil-OK Roll-On Waxing System is an easy go system specially designed for personal use or  in the beauty salon.


Good news for who is looking for a easy and professional waxing system.  Good news for the ones who do not wish to spend a fortune on a waxing system. Good news for the ones who like to offer fast and guaranteed excellent end results. Good news for your clients who will rave about this product and leave with a big smile on their face instead of a face that shows the pain from bad service. Good news for  your clients who like to have their “own” refill and roller head. So good news all the way and we found it in Spain, yes in Europe where quality stands out above all!


Single roller

Depil-OK is made with European style professional ingredients and suitable cartridges for all types of hair.


Its a Personal and Professional System.
High quality products.
Use for big areas only
Service, legs, armpit, arms and chest
Depil-OK has a soft wax Roll-On system
The purchase price is low
Free training of 2 hours after purchase the system at Dasy Academy


We have the warmers in nice starter kit, take a look at all product. strips