Nail Art Painting class in Cambodia

Our Master Decoration Educator Mr. Aey Kiatdum


Our Master Decoration Educator Mr. Aey Kiatdum has gone international and on invitation of Cha’Nails in Phnom Penh he has performed a 5 day decoration course for the staff of Cha’nails.

In the 5 days Mr. Aey has covered nail painting, acrylic decoration and UvGel decoration as you can see on the pictures. Various brands were used such as IBD, EzFlow, China Glaze, Seche and SuperNail.  It was a great success and all staff will receive the certificates that come with the training after being able to perform the decorations to the standards of our academy.

Cha’Nails staff and Miss Remie Fujiwara thank you very much for hosting this event and our congratulations to your staff or their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn!!


More information about our Nail Art Painting courses can be found on: