EzFlow Acrylic Beginners Course

Takes 5 days of 8 hours training by an EzFlow Global Educator. The course start at 9.00 in the morning till 17.00. After 5 days course you receive an original EzFlow Acrylic Certificate.

Model required.

In this course we will teach you:

  • Preparation of the nail
  • Blending and glue the tips
  • Tips one color
  • Tips two colors
  • French Tips
  • Glass Tips
  • Forms and Boogie Nights
  • Forms two colors
  • Refill two sides
  • Filing and shaping
  • Productinformation and theory


EzFlow Pro Line Acrylic Kit: Q-Monomer 4oz, White Powder, Grey Fox Pro-File, Clear Powder 0.5oz, Grey Wolf Pro-File, White Tiger Pro-File, Pink Powder 0.5oz, Sand Shark Pro- Buffer, Truly White Powder 0.5oz, Natural Powder 0.5oz,  Brush On Resin, EZ Bond, Primer, UV 30 Topcoat, Polish Remover 1oz, Dappendish,  Universal Forms 20pc,  Essential Oil, Grand Artist Oval 508 Brush,  Brush Cleaner 2oz, Polish Remover 1oz, 2 Colored Powders 1/8oz, 2 Boogie Nights Glitter Powders 1/8oz,  Course including Kit and 5 day’s Training fee 16.500 baht Excluding 7% Vat.

Course Enquiry

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